08/24/2014 – user5113165

I the past year I have bought a house and sold 2 more through Mike. Mike was able to help me make an offer on my current house and Go to settlement in less than 9 weeks. He helped me sell my old house. I had showings on my house the next day and an offer within 2 weeks. I had an offer within 3 weeks. The sale did fall though at the last minute because of an updated flood plain map that had been re-drawn the previous year that I wasn’t told about. FEMA put my property into a flood zone but didn’t determine what the proper flood elevation should be. Therefore once the buyer’s underwriter did their due diligence the buyer were told that they needed to buy some rather expensive flood insurance every year. My first buyer backed out shortly after. Michael was able to find a land surveyor and engineer who was an expert in the area. he did the elevation survey and even submitted the paperwork to FEMA. With the elevation study we were able to get the flood insurance requirement removed. We had an agreement of sale 2 months later and settlement was a piece of cake. The day after settlement of my house we put my father-in-law’s house on the market the next day. Three week later we had an agreement of sale for that house. This time AOS, home inspections, and settlement were worry free and all issues were communicated clearly and promptly. Mike is one of the most patient real estate agents I have ever met. Any questions or concerns I ever had were explained completely and in a way everyone one involved could understand.

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